myBlackBeautyBox is a love-letter not only to you, but to myself.  

Living here, having faced racial and cultural discrimination, I often find myself craving for a place where I belong, that promotes diversity, inclusivity, and a place of safety. I often long for Africa where I am seen first as a human being rather than by the color of my skin.

It is through this experience that myBlackBeautyBox was born. myBlackBeautyBox educates, connects, and empowers those of African heritage to the diversity and multi-facet continent of Africa with its 54 countries, 2000 tribes and over 3000 languages spoken. Taking away geographic distances and cultural barriers, with each specially curated collection,  myBlackBeautyBox provides an authentic African experience that creates a sense of identity and connection to the motherland.  

myBlackBeautyBox celebrates cultural diversity. We hope this box will help, in one small step, to broaden mindsets so we can all celebrate our differences.We are not in the business of selling a box, we’re empowering and connecting people through cultural experiences!

Our Philopsophy


old South African Proverb says, “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”. We are human only through the humanity of others. At myBlackBeautyBox, our company culture is one of compassion and humanity, living by a core value of “Ubuntu” – “I am because you are. My humanity is tied to yours”.  


As a woman founded and run business, we’re committed to uplifting other women so they can celebrate and express who they are, unapologetically. We also support and source from the unseen brands and creatives that are representing the continent of Africa.


myBlackBeautyBox celebrates individuality and embraces the perfectly imperfect in all of us. We're focused on building an inclusive environment where people feel welcomed no matter where they come from nor look like. For, I am my brother’s keeper.

Our Team


Founder & CEO


Graphic Design & Social Media Manager


Content Research





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