Top 5 Black African Designers to Look Out For

Top 5 Black African Designers to Look Out For

In honor of Black History month and to kick off our spanking new Brand we are all for it to be inspired by these designers.


This avantgarde truly African Fashion Brand was created by the talented Sandi Mazibuku

Fabrosanz stands for Fabulous Royalty Sandi and it shows. 

Since its inception the growth of the FabroSanz has been totally driven by Sandi’s tenacity and self-drive to fulfill her vision to be a well-known and a respected brand in South Africa and Internationally. Her Flagship store is located in the Mall of Africa but she attracts attention both locally and Internationally. Sandi is a vivacious fashion entrepreneur, not only a designer but also a stylist and creative genius. 

Her now celebrated and wonderfully unique Nguni print collection was Launched at the 2018 Milan/Paris Fashion Week. 

She firmly put South African Heritage on the Fashion map.

Chimzi is a vibrant African Fashion Brand founded by the formidable Ezichi Emerem his and Duby”s, designs quite literally brings out the royalty in you. 

Ezichi and Duby are originally from Nigeria and “Chimzi” is an igbo(Nigerian tribe) name which means “God sent”.  They believe in the beauty of diversity and their unique and deeply African inspired clothes represent that. They are now based in Charlotte, North Carolina USA.

Studio189 -

Studio189 is a flamboyant socially-conscious Afro-fashion brand, founded by Hollywood Actress Rosaria Dawson and fashion genius Abrima Erwiah.

They manufacture their clothes in Accra in Ghana where their products support artisans and creators in the local community.

The Collections have been featured in magazines like Vogue, and Vanity Fair and Wall Street Journal and on the New York Fashion Week Runway. 

Locally Sourced Craftsmanship, materials and Natural (local to West Africa) Dyes are their focus and this naturally makes their clothes a superior quality, wearers can feel good about buying it. 

Rosaria and Abrima were awarded the Taormina Humanitarian Award at the 61st Taormina Film Festival in June 2015 as well as the Martin Luther King Junior Award on Social Justice from the University of Pennsylvania.

Stoned Cherry

Stoned Cherry is a South African Fashion brand, Inspired by the Afro-Urban lifestyle.  Launched in 2000 by the creative entrepreneur, Actress and Designer Nkhensani Nkosi.

Stoned Cherry is not only a wildly successful and Iconic Fashion Brand, they have recently launched a locally designed and woven fabric line in-step with their vision to create a new African Identity and inspired aesthetic for the home. 

“True style leaps beyond convention: It is a trademark, a statement of individuality. We are thrilled to be translating this belief into… an expression of afro-urban culture.”


The Matsho tagline is: “African trend dictator” 

Founded by the enigmatic Palesa Mokubung, Mantso is the first African Fashion Design Brand that collaborated with Global Fashion Giant H&M. 

This locally made South African Fashion line has been featured on Catwalks and Fashion Weeks around the world. 

“Mantsho was established in 2004 and her designs are a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic which leaves a woman feeling comfortable and sophisticated. Mantsho design house makes clothes that embody African finesse and is inspired by a generation of Africans that are both global and still embrace their culture through their love for bespoke garments, prints and textile.

Mantsho has been attracting a big following amongst women who want to stand out from the crowd and consider themselves as style leaders amongst their circle, women who are driven, sophisticated and classy”.

Not only is Founder Palesa, a creative genius she is also passionate about empowering young designers in her local community, mentoring and guiding young designers as a way to close the gab between Fashion schools and the Fashion Market. 

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